Straight Up Tea gives you the freedom to choose your most authentic self.


The realest tea for the realest people.

TV Commercial


Open on a 1910’s tea house. Everyone is dressed way too fancy and drinking hot tea. When offered macaroons, a woman says no almost offended. A man is eating grapes with a miniature fork and a knife. A woman, Olivia Munn is dressed just as fancy, drinking a glass of water, but she clearly doesn’t want to be there. She looks annoyed by that lifestyle. Her mother (a pretentious stuck-up old lady), is telling her how to sit.
Ryan Reynolds (or similar) walks in. He’s wearing a pimped-up 1910’s suit. He makes an impression. He looks at everyone as they look back at him judging. Complete silence.
Paula Abdoul’s “Straight Up” (instrumental) starts playing on the background disrupting the silence. He starts dancing his way into the tea house. Pretentious men and women roll eyes at him annoyed. They take out their smartphones offended (revealing they’re in the present day). Taking pictures and video, and ranting about it in social media.
Ryan moonwalks, tap dances, and jumps on the tables. He then walks up to Olivia and extends his hand towards her. She grabs it and joins him into the dance as she lets her hair down and she removes her skirt revealing pants underneath. Olivia’s mother is outraged.
They reach the back of the tea house and a waiter says “your tea, sir” holding two bottles of Straight-Up tea on a silver platter. They each grab a bottle and they look back at everyone staring at them. They just drink their tea careless and walk into Ryan’s VIP lounge. From outside we see tables full of food, music and cooler guests before the doors close behind them.
Close up to a silver platter with bottles of straight up tea.
Twitter Final

Ryan Reynolds takes over the Straight Up Tea twitter.

Radio Commercial